Reliability, Accuracy, Value, Simplicity.
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Reliability, Accuracy, Value, Simplicity

Thureon Defense is founded on the principle that quality, reliability, and value are not only expected, but in demand in today’s marketplace.  The carbine produced by Thureon Defense LLC exhibits Reliability, Accuracy, Value, and Simplicity.

Don’t compromise!  Buy a carbine that has been designed specifically for pistol cartridges.  You will understand the difference the first time you shoot it.

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Our Products

We produce pistol caliber carbines in 4 different calibers with a wide range of magazine compatibilty.
9 mm | .40 S & W | .45 ACP | 10 mm



Thureon Updates

Coupled with our diversity of models that will accommodate the magazine of your choice Thureon is a great choice for Home Defense, Competition PCC, Varmint Control and All Day at the Range Fun!



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Please note that we sell “dealer and factory direct”.
To purchase, please call us for help and information or contact your local dealer.