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The 9mm Thureon Defense firearms are chambered for the 9 x 19mm cartridge, and are designed to function with a wide spectrum of 9mm ammunition.  We have tested our carbines with ammunition ranging from subsonic velocities to +P power levels.  All of them cycle the action consistently and function reliably.  Any variant of the 9 x 19mm cartridge is acceptable, whether labeled “Parabellum”, “Para”, “Luger”, or “NATO”.
The only exception is the CCI Blazer, aluminum cased, ammunition.  Thureon Defense has nothing negative to say about the CCI brand or their Blazer line of products; it simply doesn’t work well in our firearms.  While Blazer ammunition is safe to shoot in the carbine, you may experience feeding problems when using it.
Of course, .380 ACP, 9mm Browning, and 9 x 21mm ammunition should never be used in these firearms.  It is the shooter’s responsibility to make sure the ammunition exactly matches the specifications for their firearm.
Safe gun handling requires that you always check your ammunition to be sure that it is in good condition.  Discard any cartridges with visual signs of corrosion or damage.
The use of improperly reloaded ammunition can also be dangerous.  Firearms are designed, manufactured, and tested to published industry standards.  Hand-loaded or reloaded ammunition that deviates, either intentionally or accidentally, from specified loadings can be extremely hazardous.  It is strongly recommended, therefore, that you use only factory ammunition from a reputable ammunition manufacturer. If you do reload, you have assumed the risks and responsibilities of an ammunition manufacturer.