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Thureon Business Update

Good afternoon,

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After much consideration, we have decided to sell Thureon Defense to someone who can take it to the next level and grow the company to its full potential.  The new owner has successfully managed (and grown) a couple of businesses, and we feel confident he will do the same for Thureon Defense.


The new company — based in Wisconsin just north of Milwaukee — will retain the brand name, commitment to a quality product, and dedication to superior customer service.

Another point of consistency is that the new owner, Ric Czarnecki (pronounced ZAR-nek-kee], has a difficult-looking last name!!!  Ric owns Clearshot Manufacturing, a machine shop that primarily makes very precise screw machine parts.  Clearshot has been a vendor of Thureon Defense, supplying firing pins, charging knobs, and other small parts.


I will be helping with the transition and training, and retained as a technical resource.  I have some ideas for new products to improve the versatility of the Thureon Defense carbines, and will be excited to see imagination become reality.


I want to express my thanks and gratitude to the companies and individuals who have supported us throughout the years.  Your suggestions and kind words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.


We remain – “Thureon Defense.  The Shield of Liberty!”


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